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Candle Craft Treasures

Candle Craft Treasures: Ignite Your Imagination!

Explore our enchanting Candle Craft Treasures collection, where each candle is a work of art. From scented candles that transport you to far-off places, to candles topped with luscious whipped cream-like designs, and personalized memory candles that capture your special moments

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Wax Melt Candles

Our wax melt collection offers a variety of high-quality and long-lasting scented... 

Valentine's collection

Indulge in the warm glow of love with our enchanting Valentine's Candle... 

About Us

Wick and Wonder is a candle making business that specializes in producing high-quality, handmade candles made with natural and eco-friendly materials. Using a combination of soy wax, essential oils, and cotton wicks, the business creates a range of candles that are both beautiful and sustainable. The scents are carefully crafted to provide customers with a delightful sensory experience that can help them relax and unwind. The business also takes pride in its unique and stylish designs, making each candle a work of art that customers will love to display in their homes. Wick and Wonder may sell its candles through its own website, social media platforms, or through local markets and retail stores. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, Wick and Wonder is the perfect choice for customers who want to enjoy beautiful, eco-friendly candles that can enhance any space.

Burner Collection

Introducing our Burner Collection - where style meets serenity. Elevate your space... 

Gift Collection

Elevate your gifting experience with our carefully curated selection of premium candles,... 


Elevate your space with our Men's Range Candles. Crafted with distinct, masculine... 

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Guiding Light

Introducing Guiding Light candles – where spirituality meets craftsmanship. Each candle features a carefully selected Bible verse, radiating faith, hope, and love.

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Starbucks Sip & Savor

Experience the irresistible allure of your favorite coffeehouse with our Starbucks Sip & Savor: 200ml Coffee Candle.

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Candle & wax melt

Zoo Bundle

This enchanting collection features a regal Lion, graceful Graiff, Tree, charming Mini House, and a special platform for your wax melts to take center stage.

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