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Deluxe Candle Gift Box: A Fragrant Collection of Wax Melts and Candles

Deluxe Candle Gift Box: A Fragrant Collection of Wax Melts and Candles

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The candle gift box is a delightful and diverse collection of scented wax melts and candles, designed to create a soothing and aromatic atmosphere. It is carefully curated to provide a range of fragrances and shapes that cater to different preferences. Here's a detailed description of the items included:

Waffle Wax Melts (18): These wax melts are shaped like delectable waffles and come in a set of 18. Each waffle wax melt is infused with a unique fragrance, allowing for a variety of delightful scents to fill the air.
Heart Melts (16): The heart-shaped wax melts add a touch of charm to the collection. 
Tea Light Candles (3): Included in the gift box are three tea light candles, which serve as a versatile option for gentle illumination. These candles can be placed in the provided burner or used separately to create pockets of cozy light throughout the room.
Big Heart Wax Melt: This oversized heart-shaped wax melt offers a bold and captivating fragrance that can last for an extended period. Its size makes it a standout piece in the collection.
Big Swirl Donut: The big swirl donut wax melt adds a whimsical touch to the gift box. Its eye-catching design and fragrant notes bring an element of fun to the overall experience.
Burner: The gift box includes a burner, which serves as a stylish and practical way to melt the wax melts. The design of the BURNER MAY VARY BASED ON STOCK, adding an element of surprise and uniqueness to each gift box.

This candle gift box offers a wide assortment of scents, shapes, and sizes to create an immersive and personalized aromatic experience. It is a perfect gift for those who appreciate the ambiance and fragrance of candles, allowing them to explore various scents and enjoy the soothing glow of candlelight.

Please choose two scents of your choice!

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